перемога у конкурсі логотипів

Cherkaschanky won in The International Competition of Marks

Reshanik Mary and Olejnik Olga pupils school educational institution “Multidisciplinary Youth Centre” Cherkasy city council, won the I-th stage of the International Competition of logos, emblems interactive children’s health camp «Camping Ukraine – Euskadi». The organizers – school educational institutions of Cherkassy “Center of tourism, local history, sports and excursions of student youth”, supported by the city methodical study of educational institutions of the Department of Education and Humanitarian Policy Cherkasy City Council and representatives of the Spanish Diaspora, informs “Прочерк“.

The competition was attended by students of secondary schools and after-school aged 10 to 18 years.

The purpose of creative event – expanding the outlook and development of creative abilities of youth; partnerships with representatives of the Spanish Diaspora for solidarity and cooperation on a healthy lifestyle. Entries are evaluated on the following criteria: artistic level and the theme; creative approach to the topic; originality and design work; versatility, clarity and conciseness of the present logo.

Photo “Прочерк” 

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